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Published on June 19th, 2012 | by Jon Kelly


Zer0cast Episode 31: Of Games

Hey hey and then another hey hey! Jon Kelly sits down with his sister Deanna to chat about whatnot and gaming and whatnot. They cover a multitude of topics such as things, the world, and games, so if you’re into any of that stuff, why don’t you give it a listen? I think you should.

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  • http://facebook.com/profile.php?id=506984679 Richard ‘Sharpo’ Sharpe

    The first season of Marble Hornets was super-scary but since then, I find it a waste of my time when they just do “plot” episodes with no scares.

  • JJ

    First, I have very much seen “Larger than Life” and found Mr. McConaughey to be quite funny in it.
    Second, I don’t know who mentioned Marble Hornets. I have not seen it, and don’t remember it coming up. Silly me.

  • Will

    I think part of horror gaming and films, the ones that are successfully scary to me anyway, are that they draw you in to a mystery or a character’s story so that you -want- to progress through it, but progressing through it means exposing yourself to the horrible things that are going to happen?

    Like the stuff that happens early in The Road or Silent Hill 2, both of which I turned off at least once due to not wanting to have myself in that situation, but then put back on because I wanted to find out what happened.

    Amnesia is kind of different because it’s one of those videogames that are better when you have no idea what’s going on, because that’s what the character’s going through? So the horror is not so much from what’s happening, but from not knowing what’s happening.

    At least that was my experience, but then again I kind of suck at those games so the feeling of not knowing what I’m supposed to do to get out of a scary situation is part of it.

    Also, yeah I have heard a few complaints about Sword & Sworcery but I thought it was pretty intuitive and I only had one instance where I felt it got repetitive because I didn’t understand where I was supposed to go.

    Anyway great episode! I think showing the monster in glimpses works for a while (Marble Hornets), and yeah it’s hard to keep the balance between having something so easy it doesn’t feel scary, or so difficult you have to replay it and so it doesn’t feel scary.

    Alright now I’m going to finish listening to the last fifteen minutes

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