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Published on February 29th, 2012 | by Jon Kelly


Zer0cast Episode 24: Pagemaster Theme Song

Hello, all yous! Dan and Jon Kelly head back into the fray, reviewing games in a way that will remind you of the last time they reviewed games. Listen as we have a Yabba-doo time, dissect a Probe development, and slowly play a Gameboy Color RTS! Also, theme songs abound!

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  • Dwayne Almond

    Dwayne Almond here.

    Thank heavens you have returned as your absence last week worked me up greatly and sent my asthma into fits.

    Sincerely, Dwayne Almond.

  • Lucy Kelly

    Just outstanding ! I love this song very much. Whenever I hear this song I feel that this is only for me. Thanks a lot for this song.

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