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Published on December 24th, 2012 | by Ryan


S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 6: Gandalf is a Dick

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Put on your favorite pair of prosthetic hairy feet and grab your wizards staff, this week Sir Michael and myself spend the entire episode discussing The Hobbit!

Wait- What’s that? What do you mean you haven’t seen it!? Everyone saw it! It made like eighty kajillion bucks!  God….just go. Hurry. See it. You’re not gonna get a word of this otherwise.

Alright have you seen it now? No not Red Dawn! The Hobbit! They sound, NOTHING alike. You know what just go. Leave. We don’t want you listening anymore.

For those of you who CAN FOLLOW DIRECTIONS you’ll find an episode filled with our thoughts on the movie, as well as some humorous observations about Middle Earth. Join us won’t you?

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Ryan Wilde adopted the name Dr. Disaster when he created the podcast Villainy INC. Then it flopped terribly so he used his remaining money to build giant robots. He also likes making short films no-one watches, inhaling comics, and playing vid-ja games.

  • Pridak

    Hey, Dr. Disaster, just posting this to tell both you and Sir Michael, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Pridak

    Umm, Hey Dr. Disaster, there might be something wrong with the iTunes feed. It’s still saying that the bake sale is the most recent one.

  • Ryan

    We’re aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

    • Pridak

      Thanks Dr. Disaster.

  • Pridak

    Hey Dr. Disaster, how’s the new year going?

    • Ryan

      Pretty sucky to be honest with you haha. Although working at a robot company ensures I rake in tons of dough, I still need a job on the side as my main source of income. However I got laid off from that job so I’ve been on the job hunt since the new year started. This is also why there hasn’t been a new episode.

      • Pridak

        Same here my good doctor, same here. May we both have luck at getting employed/re-employed.

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