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Published on October 23rd, 2014 | by Ryan


S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 35: Warky With a Side of Patton

Join us this week for our Anime Banzai episode! We didn’t really get the panel setting like we wanted so we revamped the episode. This starts out as a normal episode but ends with an interview with convention lord extraordinaire Warky and voice actor Chris Patton.

Here’s some pictures Michael and I took at the convention.


Two handsome devils.


Warky, Chris Patton, Dr. D, and Sir Michael


Sir Michael sneaked this picture of me learning the Paru Paru dance. He is now dead to me.

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Ryan Wilde adopted the name Dr. Disaster when he created the podcast Villainy INC. Then it flopped terribly so he used his remaining money to build giant robots. He also likes making short films no-one watches, inhaling comics, and playing vid-ja games.

  • Sharp-O

    Great, now the interns are mocking me! I’m not going to be happy about the new impression, am I? :P

    The Devil is a Part-Timer is a fantastic little comedy anime and I agree with Michael that it is far too short but what is there is pure gold.

  • Ryan

    You are going to love it because it sounds exactly like you.

    I barely finished Devil is a Part-Timer and really liked it. I was bummed out when episode 12 hit and there were no more giggles to be had.

  • Kvb

    I feel your pain regarding Gravity Falls, Dr D. My friends won’t watch it for the same reason as Michael. I have no one to fanboy with.
    But it’s so good, though!

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