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Published on May 24th, 2013 | by Ryan


S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 16: Fear is the Mind Killer

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Come one come all to another hour of rambling. This week we discuss train velocity, the Evil Dead trilogy, the 1%, spice and how it flows, and the odds being in your favor.

This week’s trivia question is all Minecraft. Here’s the answer.

As stated in the episode (and the post I put up a couple days ago), I’m making an independent movie and I need your help. We’re trying to raise enough money to pay the cast and crew. We’re almost at 10% with almost 20 days left to go. Even a dollar helps. If you’ve loved all the free enterainment we’ve given you since Villainy INC please consider donating.

As promised here’s infinite cats!

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Ryan Wilde adopted the name Dr. Disaster when he created the podcast Villainy INC. Then it flopped terribly so he used his remaining money to build giant robots. He also likes making short films no-one watches, inhaling comics, and playing vid-ja games.

  • Sharp-O

    Elfen Lied, combining all the Japanese tropes in one stupid series: Teen girl nudity, hyper-gore and (telekinetic) tentacles.

    Another great show, guys! The Jeff Goldblum impressions slayed me! xD

    Have you guys ever watched Danball Senki? I recently got into it and given your love of Gundam model kits and anime, I’d like to think at least one of you has seen it.

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