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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts #205- Easter Candy

JJ and his amazing friend Jason do their bad to make a “Good Friday” a Great Friday! Jason survives (and really enjoys) his trek to the “Land of OZ, while JJ is more charmed by a cartoon named Ralph. The duo discuss what makes comedy work, and a series of movies that have more vroom than character. Vroom Vroom! Just remember, Han is always pimp. ALWAYS. Myth Confirmed.

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • epilonious

    I believe the Marathon bar is still extant in Great Briton as the “CurlyWurly”. If you know of a sweet shop(pe) or grocery store that stocks British candy in some sort of “ethnic foods” aisle (Atlanta Publix stores do, actually have, an aisle full of British stuff, Mexican stuff, and Jewish stuff labeled “Ethnic foods”) you can try to find it there. I have almost had my fillings ripped out by them.

  • Joshua Mosteit

    Wow. Imagine my surprise: Listening to another good episode of Mars Needs when out of nowhere comes an overgeneralizing diatribe against atheists. Spent the better part of today fuming over this, trying to think of a calm, level-headed response to what I perceived as a load of prejudicial horseshit, until I remembered XKCD had already done that for me:
    Stay classy, JJ.

  • Will

    re: Epilonius, didn’t Snickers bars used to be called Marathon bars? Might be a different thing, they could’ve changed the name because of the American one or something.

    & re: Joshua I guess I was ready for something worse after reading the comment first, but I kind of agreed with it since I pretty much trying to make the same point earlier on Twitter, and anything that is similar to a view I already had is therefore a great point of view! I always feel kind of dumb saying I’m an atheist because I kind of run across a whole lot of “isn’t life great and you don’t need religion see!” comments and memes and just it gets kind of old. Maybe that’s because I’m in an ostensibly more secular country so I don’t get as much of a sense of a religious culture to feel I have to rebel against?

    And as for the fact that jokes about religious figures can be demeaning to the people that prescribe to that religion, I agree, and I think that’s something you should be conscious of when making jokes like that, but I don’t think that means you should stop making jokes about them, so much as be aware of the point you’re making with the joke, even if the point is just to offend, so you can think about why that is and do something with it. And yeah, the whole zombie Jesus thing is pretty played out! Werewolf Jesus makes more sense, because it’s scientific fact that every Easter is a full moon. That’s why we have eggs, because they are the food that looks most like the moon and take exactly one lunar cycle to produce.

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