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Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts #196- Mars Rover

JJ and his amazing friend Elizabeth are on the road this week. Guess what that means?!!!?? It means guest stars galore! Join JJ and Elizabeth as they ride in cars and sit in bars with Mike, Kasey and Dayse from Riding In Cars With Boys, Colin from Instant Leftovers (a show that gets NONE of it’s stupid extra titles this page!) David Gallic and Danny Fishback from this very show! Thank you to all of them for being such gracious hosts, I hope to see all of you again, soon.

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Michael Harris

    I like how I sound on your recorder more than any of mine.

    • JJ

      I used a zoom H4n. They have condenser mics that really work well on spoken voices. I was also really happy with how well it worked in your car. It sounded damned fine, I must say.

  • Sharp-O

    It sounded great and it was fun tyo hear you all chatting =D

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