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Published on April 3rd, 2011 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts 102- Word Salad

JJ and his amazing friend Jason…well…let’s look at it this way, Word Salad is defined as- a mixture of random words that, while arranged in phrases that appear to give them meaning, actually carry no significance. The words may or may not be grammatically correct, but the meaning is hopelessly confused. I don’t think it is actually that bad, but, boy is the conversation all over the place. Jason is introduced to the fine art of Fridays, and JJ goes into a long spiel about classical french theater. At least it all ends with porn, so all is well. Praise the maker.

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Dianna

    I have no idea if it is still there or not, but there was a sleazy x-rated store in south Jackson many years ago. :) Just in case you wanted to know.

    I totally understand about your reaction to the guy with the elevator. I have seen a lot of people go completely ape shit over a five dollar meal. I don’t care how badly a fast food restaurant screws up your order, there’s just no need to go ballistic about it.

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