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Published on May 22nd, 2011 | by Shane Morris


Review: Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh

Welcome back to “No, YOU’RE a TARDIS!”, Doom’s weekly Doctor Who review column. Um… uh… I don’t have anything to say here this week! Though if I just left it at that then spoilers would appear in the little summary on the front page and I would be a bit of an unintentional douche (Sorry, munchykins). Now let’s get right into the review.


First off, the cold open was pretty neat this week. Before we even learn about the clone “gangers” doing the work it just looks like these people are completely nonchalant about their co-worker taking an acid bath. But in regards to them having to use gangers to do the work in the first place, maybe the work wouldn’t be so dangerous if they took measures like bringing a stepladder or some other means of reaching that pin instead of having to stand precariously on the edge of a HUGE VAT OF ACID! That’s how Batman villains are made. Also, without looking at the Wikipedia article, I wasn’t sure if this story was set in the future or not. Did I miss them mentioning it in the episode?

But those are about the only complaints I had with this episode. Everything else was great. It was interesting seeing antagonists in this type of story that aren’t just monsters. They’re basically human and the point is really stressed by the Doctor. Though at times they do look damn creepy. The ladies head on the long neck sticking out of the bathroom stall was pure nightmare fuel. And there’s something about the Doctor’s ganger that just doesn’t sit right with me. The others basically look like Voldemort but that one is just freaky.

As to ties to the overall arc of the series, this episode didn’t really give anything away, which I wish they would do already. We’re just reminded of Amy’s strange pregnancy and of the Eye Patch lady still looking in on her for some unknown reason. Hopefully we get more clues and/or answers in the near future. Overall though, this week’s episode was pretty great and the second part of the story looks to be interesting. It would be particularly cool if somehow the ganger of the Doctor survived and we got two of him but I have a feeling he’ll be conveniently killed off at the last second, which is a shame.

Well, that concludes this week’s review. As always, be sure to comment with your own thoughts and theories. Thanks for reading!

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  • Michael

    I read an interesting article last night that pointed out that it was a Doctor Who episode that did not need The Doctor to exist. He really did very little to affect the story of the episode and I have to agree. He was useless until the very very end.

    Also, at one point I’m fairly certain that the Doctor mentioned that it looked like 36th century Earth or something.

    • Shane Morris

      I don’t know if I would completely agree with that. He did help the two groups to organize for a bit there and actually let them know what was going on.

  • John

    The Doctor seems to know more than he’s letting on. Those Gangers remind me of Autons, which brings me to Rory. I’m still confused, is he still one? He recalls the 1,000 yrs he protected the Pandorica, but can’t finger-gun-shoot people.

    • Shane Morris

      Oooh, maybe he’s constantly shifting between being one and not like Amy’s pregnancy. And maybe that explains her pregnancy. Because while he was an Auton he wouldn’t be able to get her pregnant and while he was human he would. Perhaps they’re all happening simultaneously. I have no idea what I’m saying.

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