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Published on May 3rd, 2014 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box – LEGO The Simpsons Minifigures Blind Opening

“Badger, my ass! It’s probably Milhouse…”
Thanks to the wonderful folks over at LEGO, I’ve been sent a bunch of LEGO Simpsons to review so I thought I’d do a blind opening for you! Each blind bag minifigure will run around £2.49 from most good retailers.


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  • Elizabeth

    Itchy is pretty disturbing in 3D, especially since he’s the same size figure as the rest. It makes sense that he would be, but the translation from cartoon to figure is, for lack of a better word, oogy.

    • Sharp-O

      He’s got the short legs so he’s the same size as the kids but yeah, the Simpson designs work well 2D but for a 3D object, they look a little ugly.

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