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Published on September 3rd, 2011 | by John


Poole’s Polls – September 2011

Sometimes I look at my toothbrush and think, you’re named wrong. I mean, no one ever says, I’m going to go brush my tooth. Unless, well, you do actually have only one tooth. I’m confident in saying most of us have more than one little calcified stump, therefore it should be called a teethbrush. It’s probably just me, and this has absolutely nothing to do with this month’s poll. I’ve literally just brushed my teeth. I wouldn’t ponder this for long, but rather, bear with me as Aaron is off gallivanting around Dragon*Con *naked, I’ve been handed the reigns to come up with this month’s poll.


Last month DC and Marvel went toe-to-toe, and your votes were split in deciding who struck the Balboa killer blow. From here on, both companies will live in harmony, as equals. That’s right, the battle is over, but the galaxy spanning adventures of the Transformers will continue and the greatest Autobot of them all; Optimus Prime, will retur—what? Oh, sorry. Geek tangent. Poll. Right. Ok.


This month, DOOM! has a franchise related question for you: which is the best horror franchise of recent times? Yes, this would be perfect for October, but it’s September – you see we like to be the early bird… because we like worms. Or something. This made sense in my head five minutes back.

Have at it!

Which is the best horror franchise of recent times?

  • Scream (40%, 12 Votes)
  • Paranormal Activity (27%, 8 Votes)
  • Final Destination (20%, 6 Votes)
  • Saw (13%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 30

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* Did I say naked? He probably isn’t, but then again, I’m not there, so I can’t rule out the possibility that he is.

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  • Leslie

    50/50? Amazing!!!
    Sadly, I don’t know who to vote for this month.

  • Leslie

    Also, good job taking over for Aaron! =^]

  • Sharp-O

    I kinda expected Marvel to come out on top, but just barely. Love the TF movie reference hehe

    Paranormal Activity, hands down. Never seen a horror movie more effective at making me scared of open doors lol

  • John

    Thanks Leslie, Sharp-O (the TF line was all for you). :)

    I’m a fan of all four franchises (have yet to see Scre4m) but I think I’d pluck for PA currently too. Surprising, seeing as it’s the franchise currently with the least entries.

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