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Published on April 3rd, 2011 | by Blake


My Old Balls… And Can I Get That In There?

He’s back. Like Arnie in T2. Except with Jerry Lee Lewis for his soundtrack.

This time around Blake talks about the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. And puts stuff down his pants… AND SO MUCH MORE!

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Blake is a man of many loves. They are mostly what's in his pants. But when he's not talking about that, he loves to chat about sports, wrestling, TV, Stephen King and music. Have you seen his bass?

  • John

    That sliding door-contraption is a great comedic tool. (The sound of that… liquid at the end really made me giggle!)

  •!/TheHangingBrain The Hanging Brain

    Butt crack sweat does not a good fire make. Good stuff, Northern. You did right in shortening it a bit (always keep them wanting more, like with your small di… Oh, hi Antonio!), and whoever’s idea it was to play the Globetrotters theme, fried gold!

    But yeah, less sports… unless it’s MMA… or Curling; a game of kings.

  • Scott White

    That Video made my Monday Morning!

  • Blake

    Thanks, fellas.

    AB, the “slide” seems to work pretty good. It is a staple, for sure.

    Brain, the music choices are all mine. Gotta make it all fit together, somewhat, anyway. ;)

    Scott, good to hear. Great, in fact.

  • Sharp-O

    These videos aren’t showing up anymore. *sadface*

    • Aaron


      • Sharp-O


  • dtcb

    hahahahaaaa!!!! Great NCAA review! going through all the old balls havin’ a blast watchin.

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