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Published on January 30th, 2012 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box: The Avengers Preview

With The Avengers coming out soon, it’s inevitable that Hasbro will start to show off their toys for the movie line. This is just a preliminary look (I’m sure I’ll be able to show you guys much more once New York Toy Fair rolls around) but I can already tell you guys a lot about this toyline and there’s very little in terms of ‘good news’.

Now I realise that it is more cost effective to produce repaints and retools than come up with completely new toys but it seems Hasbro is taking this notion and putting out the cheapest possible product they can and hiking up the price. Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at these 8-Inch figures. Look familiar? They should do because they’re repackaged from the Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America lines! And that speaks volumes for the rest of what they have to show at the moment, seeing as they’re a collection of repackaged, repainted and slightly retooled offerings from those three toy lines. Vehicles, figures, role-play toys and masks are lazily put into new packaging and marked up, despite a lot of this product still clogging shelves to this day!

I could go on forever about how annoyed and let down I feel about this but let’s focus on what’s new out of this bunch. Hey kids and collectors, you like your figures with lots of articulation to pose them? Well say goodbye to that as the new 3-3/4″ figures have abandoned the waist crunches, wrist swivels, ankle joints and double-jointed knees in favour of ball-jointed knees and sweet FA else. Dammit, I’m doing it again….

First new thing to point out is the Quinjet. The Quinjet is the Avengers’ ride and it looks pretty sweet. Large enough to accommodate a pilot in the cockpit (Presumably the included Iron Man) as well as an abundance of play features and a sky-cycle for Hawkeye, this looks like the essential vehicle from this line. Well, maybe this and the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier! No official image for this yet but I can tell you that it’s 3ft long, comes with a Cap figure and will be able to support a single Quinjet on it’s deck. It sorta reminds me of the USS Flagg, the GI Joe’s 7ft long behemoth of a playset/vehicle. We’ll never get one that big again but from the sounds of it, the Helicarrier comes pretty close.

And as with the previous movie figure lines, The Avengers get their own Comic Series set of figures, the ones seen seem to be focussing on the Ultimates incarnation of the team. These will fit in quite nicely with your existing Marvel Universe figures and hopefully we’ll see some figures that have been needed in that line for a long time (Namely the Young Avengers.)

The Stark Tek Assault Armor figures are not worthy because they were originally designed for the Iron Man 2 line (Under the ‘EXO Armour’ name) but finally get their release here, one for Iron Man and one for Cap. They’re look pretty cool, being very Hulkbuster-looking and being able to fit a 3-3/4″ in them too.

So hey, that’s all I’ve got for now folks, but as soon as NYTF rolls around I’ll have more info on the Avengers and much more. This preview hasn’t been singing it’s praises but while I might not be able to save this toyline, you can be damn sure I’ll avenge it!

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    • Sharp-O

      I don’t mind it as much, it looks like a solid update of his war-time gear.

      I’ll be interested in what this line has to offer past the first wave so here’s hoping NYTF has some better pics.

  • John

    P.s, good work with the internal linking at the start – what I like to see!

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