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Published on January 17th, 2011 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box #9: Iron Man 2: Fury of Combat

I love Iron Man 2. It’s got some issues and Mickey Rourke’s Russian accent is so thick you couldn’t cut through it with a chainsaw but it’s an action-packed, funny-as-hell superhero film. It’s a shame that that sense of fun didn’t transfer into the toyline. I might be hyperbolising but there are few figures I bought from the 3¾-inch lines that I thought were passable, let alone good. Even the 6-inch figure I have has limbs so floppy it may as well be a rag doll. Enter the Fury of Combat, a 4-pack exclusive from Toys R Us.

Oh, boy. Where to start…. This set consists of 4 figures; a Mark VI Iron Man, two Ground Assault Drones (The Army Hammer drones from the movie) and Nick Fury.

I’ll go through the figures in that order and start with Iron Man. This figure is a repaint of the Mark VI armour released in the first wave of “Movie Series” figures and is… better? It’s repainted in more screen accurate paint applications and even the joints are much improved since they’re not painted over this time (A major problem with this line which I’ll get into later.) but there are spots and flecks of different paint apps all over this figure where they don’t belong and I went through the boxes looking for the set with the least errors. It’s a passable figure and a fairly accurate representation of his onscreen counterpart.

The Hammer drones are the main reason I wanted this set. I could never find them in single figure form and getting two in one box was too good to be true. Oh how the draw of big robots blinds me sometimes. The mould is solid, but the two I received are woefully inadequate. Due to the way they are packaged, the weapons on their arms will bend in the box and will stay that way. One of them has issues with the head, where the balljoint neck wasn’t entered into the main body at the right angle so the drone head is stuffed into the corner of its collar armour. The other was disarmed two minutes after coming out of the package, his arm literally snapped at the elbow. In a case of joints being painted over, the peg holding the elbow joint to the upper arm sheered off as I tried to move the arm, a problem I have had before with these figures. A very nice touch is the plates on their feet which fold down much like they do in the film when firing the massive flak cannon on their back. Said cannon cannot achieve the upright position (O RLY?) and is severely limited in its poseability. Overall, I think if I had some different examples of these drones, I’d be extremely happy but as it stands, it’s slightly disappointing.

And now for the real ‘exclusive’. Nick Fury. He is a tiny Samuel L. Jackson and he is awesome. You want more? Oh, go on then. The likeness on this little guy is amazing! It’s a tiny Samuel L. Jackson with an eye patch! Most figures in this box set are reused moulds and Nick is no exception but unlike the others, his body comes from an entire different line. I know it’s a mould for a 25th Anniversary G.I. Joe figure but I’m not entirely sure which one. Regardless, it’s a great little figure that has no issues with paint sticking up joints, has solid metal ball joints in the hips, and a great faux-leather coat which works better than I would have expected for this scale. He comes with a little pistol that could be lost quite easily, I think. Best figure in the set, closely followed by the drones and then Iron Man.

My thoughts on this set are those of disappointment. Sloppy paint applications, warping plastic, and tolerance issues go a long way to ruin what, at its core, is a good set of figures. I can’t recommend this set in good conscience when I’ve had so many issues with these figures as a whole. If you want to pick up any Iron Man figures, the best I can recommend are the 3¾-inch “Comic Series” figures, since I’ve had less issue with them and they’ll fit right in with the current Marvel Universe figures.

– Richard Sharpe

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