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Published on February 17th, 2011 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box #13.5: Toy Fair Addendum

As predicted in Monday’s article, I indeed have to write an addendum for Toy Fair 2011. So, in the previous article, I mentioned that Mattel hadn’t really had a noticeable presence there and just to prove me a liar, the evening I put Monday’s article up, the net was flooded with Mattel’s offerings this year. Since they’re primarily the ones whose stuff I missed, this’ll be a short addition just to showcase what they’ll be bringing out this year.

Young Justice is DC’s latest foray into animation and has been met with high praise from both fans and critics alike, myself included. I was very pleased to see Young Justice figures at the show, most of which seemed to be prototypes at the moment unless they’re only going to have articulation in the shoulders and hips, much like the Justice League Unlimited line, then I might have second thoughts. Then I’d slap those second thoughts in the face because even static figures would be great if they look this good. It’d be great to have two-pack mini-statues of heroes and sidekicks as well as ancillary characters from the background of the show. I look forward to seeing these on shelves soon!

Speaking of the Justice League Unlimited, this year will mark the final year of their production. These figures have been around since about 2003, spanning both the original Justice League and Unlimited cartoons and outliving them both. I’ve heard many good things and bad things about the line and have had a few that I no longer own. The series was good as a whole, only marred by a few plastic tolerance issues. This final year of figures will include a slew of new single pack figures and some convention exclusive three-packs.

Ghostbusters. Ah, Ghostbusters. The line that I admire from afar. In my Christmas article, I mentioned the Ghostbusters 2 four-pack as a gift option. They demand such high prices on the secondary market that I don’t think I’ll ever own even one. C’est la vie. Mattel’s bringing out more figures. Some are brand new, some are remoulds and some have silly names (I’m looking at you ‘Marshmallow Mess’ Ray!). There’s even some retro style dolls based on The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. All the offerings look pretty good, but that’s to be expected from this awesome line *dreamily sighs*

And finally onto the line I mentioned in my last article that I really wanted to see. The Green Lantern movie will be out this summer and I really can’t wait. Green Lantern is my favourite superhero and I’m excited by the notion of his first big screen outing. The tie-in toys offer the same range and variety as lines of their ilk (small figures, large figures, play-sets, role-play toys, etc.). The basic figures are aimed at younger people and come with transforming construct weapons while the larger figures have the ‘Collect and Connect’ gimmick of having pieces to a much larger figure bundled in with the characters of that wave. In this case it will be the movie version of Parallax, the fear entity and one of the villains of the movie (in theory). This line will provide a lot of variety and some interesting takes on already established characters so I am really looking forward to it.

So those are ALL of my highlights for Toy Fair 2011. Again, comment below and tell me what you guys and gals are interested in getting this year!

– Richard Sharpe.

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